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Profile Templates
zadokDate: Friday, 2012-02-10, 10:49 PM | Message # 1
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Warning these are very detailed. lol They are a great way to flesh out your characters. I hope they help someone at least.

For your character~

Relationship status:
Important Belongings:

Species Profile~ for creating your own race

Life Expectancy:
Added Appendages:
Typical Builds:
Age of Adulthood:
Length of Pregnancy:
Body Language:
Instinctual Behavior:
Living Arrangements:
Culture: (art, sports, food, music, literature)
Differences between Male, Female, & Adolescent:

DiamondDragonDate: Friday, 2012-02-10, 11:47 PM | Message # 2
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Oooh, interesting! Might try out the species one for my Mairou.

Species: Mairou
Life Expectancy: 1,000 years at the VERY most.
Height: 7' usually
Weight: Lighter than the average sized human.
Skin: Covered in many tiny, smooth scales, the color varying greatly.
Hair: Very silky and light, often long and light or bright in color.
Eyes: Large and almond shaped, pearly white to silver/gold irises.
Eyebrows: Very thin and fine.
Ears: They're webbed ears (similar to some dragons' ears).
Nose: None at all.
Teeth: A bit pointed.
Nails: Short, like well clipped short.
Horns: None...usually.
Wings: Large Fin-like wings, but they're only used for gliding.
Tails: When in Water form, it's a cross between whales and goldfish.
Arms/Hands: The hands/arms are long and tapered, and the hands have webbing between the fingers, like frogs.
Legs/Feet: Very long slender legs, with delicate webbed feet.
Added Appendages: Some have tentacles on parts of thier bodies...
Markings: They tend to just be solid colored, but some do have spots or similar markings.
Torso: Muscled but slim torso.
Typical Builds: Slim and (deceptively) delicate looking.
Temperaments: They vary as greatly as human temperments do.
Age of Adulthood: Usually around 500
Length of Pregnancy: 2 months.
Clothing: They weave thier clothes from a special light seaweed That doesn't hinder thier movements. The tops are very billowy and sort of roman styled. As for bottoms, they are only visible where they go to land form, and are made of the scaley skin of thier tails.
Customs: Unknown
Weapons: Usually tridents, spears, or dirks (long daggers) made of aquamarite, a light but very sturdy metal.
Likes: Clean water, fish, rainforests and over damp/wet environments, pretty objects
Hates: Dirty water, Dry environments, animals who love eating fish.
Fears: Drying up, because they get dehydrated very quickly and easily.
Strengths: The water, weilding aquamarite, swiftness, quick thinking and it's impossible to poison them with plant based poisons.
Weaknesses: Dry places, trying to weild heavier metals, nets, strength.
Defects: Unknown
Powers/Abilities: All Mairou are very skilled in the healing arts, but some have unique powers as well.
History: Unknown
Hierarchy: Unknown
Habitat/Climate: They usually live in the sea near Rainforests.
Body Language: They have body language that's easy to read.
Allies: Thier fish friends
Enemies: water predrators, cratures of the air.
Religion(s): None
Instinctual Behavior:
Diet: Vegitation, even the kind that are poisonous to people or other animals.
Diseases: Typical fish deseases.
Living Arrangements: Unknown
Symbols/Flags: Four pearls, one white, one rose, one black, and one blue.
Military: A fish guard that regularly Patrols the territory.
Economy: Unknown
Culture: Unknown too
Architecture: Roman-like buildings made out of massive amounts of Mother of bearl and coral.
Language: a language that uses letters with soft sounds.
Dialects: None
Differences between Male, Female, & Adolescent: The usual differences of humans.

Still working on it~

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zadokDate: Saturday, 2012-02-11, 3:51 PM | Message # 3
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Yay, they are helping already! XD

These can be added to the Character one~
Family: (add relationship in parentheses)
Sugnificant Other/Love Interest: (you can sub with Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Wife/Hubby/Crush)
Children: (add genders in parentheses)

For some reason I couldn't edit my first post. O.o?

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SongaDate: Wednesday, 2012-02-22, 5:53 PM | Message # 4
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OOOOH the Mairou sound interesting Dia! EEE I love these sorta things! (*is such a weenie had to do this*)

*Cough* Eheh. Okay.

(I kinda started posting in the character one by accident XD)

Species: Omni (Majority are female (like mermaids but there are a few males mainly for err reproducing)
Life Expectancy: Males have a VERY short life expectancy only up to 23 but females Can live to be 100
Complexion: Ranging from light blue to light purple, they can have fishlike scales throughout their body or be more slimy smoothish
Height:  usually 5'6 it differs
Weight: Around 100 pounds, it gives them faster agility in the water and air.
Build: Slim and thin.
Hair: Ranges from bald to long sea green/blue hair
Eyes:  Fishlike eyes, bigger than the average human, well equipped for seeing in the dark.
Ears: A bit elf/kitty like. It's in the same location of a human ear but it's a bit more mixed of kitty and elf (not quite as pointed but not possessing all the qualities of a cat ear)
Nose: Not really much of a nose, it's got the bridge of a nose but they don't use it to breathe. They have barely noticable gills on their cheeks that allow them to breathe air and water
Tail: There's a giant fin on their tail that helps them swim in water
Wings: They have winglike fins that help them swim through water and fly in the air.
Horns: None
Tattoos/Markings: Sometimes they have glowing circular markings around the eyes 
Eyebrows: Ranging from Average eyebrows to none.
Teeth: Ranges from normal human-like to slightly sharp teeth
Nails: Long claws
Arms/Hands: They have slender long arms and four fingers.
Legs/Feet:  Long legs, two toes feet.
Added Appendages: None
Torso: Nothing special
Temperaments: Some Omni cannot display emotions, it depends on their sub species. Most Omni (asides from Loina) are passive agressive. They won't physically fight unless they have too, using more brain than brawn. They are cunning and manipulative. (Their leader Uma especially, who's only wish is for every human being to be changed into an Omni (because they believe they are the dominant species that had control of the world not humans) so humans and every other creature would be extinct asides from Omni.
Relationship status: Between male and female the feeling is usually mutual. (Exception: Loina, even though her subspecies cannot openly display emotions , does have a deep love interest)
Age of Adulthood: 20
Length of Pregnancy: Eeeerr....
Clothing: Usually scale-like clothing, to more scaly armor (like mistique) depends on the Omni.
Customs: Uh, not really anything, they just go out and hunt for food mostly is the closest custom thingie.
Weapons: Depends on the Omni. Usually they use unknown sea creatures that live deep in the sea as weapons. For example, the Orcanic is a strange octopus-like blob, feeds off it's prey's energy (instead of blood or meat) once it uses up all the prey's energy the victim dies.

 Most have arrows tipped with poison, certain arrows are specially designed for earth's invasion to convert humans into Omni.
Fears: They fear certain fish of the sea who are downright creepy, many omni's lives have been lost due to some dangerous fish.
Strengths: Intelligence, cunning
Weaknesses: Strength isn't their strong point, they can easily be beaten up if they're not swift enough.
Defects: Depends on species
Powers/Abilities: Some Omni have powers some do not. Uma has illusion powers. Loina has healing powers. Those are the only two known Omni with powers though.
History: Um, they've basically steered clear of humans since 1000 BC
Habitat/Climate: The ocean, deep in the dark ocean they built their own little city.
Body Language: Not really.
Allies: The fish of the sea. Usually they will team up with those they think powerful, but afterwards they will backstab them for their own gain.
Enemies: Any hero types.
Religion(s): Uh...none.
Instinctual Behavior: 
Diet: Fishy stuff and kelp
Diseases: Sickness uh, sicknesses fish get
Living Arrangements: Basically live in houses made of coral and other sea stuff
Symbols/Flags: none
Military: They basically are female warriors (since male life expectancy is low)
Culture: (art, sports, food, music, literature) 
Language: They speak both their own and whatever language is spoken on the nearest continent/country
Differences between Male, Female, & Adolescent: Male have a stronger build while females are more slender
NitroDate: Tuesday, 2012-04-10, 5:01 PM | Message # 5
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I'm making my species thing. :3 I'll get a character thing up as well, later.

Species: Pokonen. It was Spikinian, but I changed it back to it's original name. (Note: Pokonen are not even distantly related to Pokemon. Pokemon and Pokonen are two distinctly separate things.)
Life Expectancy: 150 is the oldest recorded age.
Height: about 5'. There are some who have gotten a few inches taller, but their life range is usually shortened by 15 years. They range from 2' to 5'.
Weight: 90 lbs. and below. Sometimes higher. The heaviest recorded weight is 130 lbs.
Skin: Varies. Can be any color.
Hair: Three spikes on the back of the head. Texture and density varies.
Eyes: Any color, but commonly white.
Eyebrows: Very thin eyebrows.
Ears: Not visible, but they're there.
Nose: Not visible, but it's there.
Teeth: Sometimes sharp but most like a humans, though the 'wisdom' teeth are sharp.
Nails: They have none.
Horns: Very rare.
Wings: Depends on their habitat, but almost all Pokonen have wings, the texture varies from skin like a bat to feathers like a bird.
Tails: All have them. Some have extra wing-like parts on the tip, and others have weapons ranging from spike balls to spear tips.
Arms/Hands: Mitten-like. All have markings on their arms.
Legs/Feet: Boot-like. All have markings on their legs.
Added Appendages: Extremely rare.
Markings: All have them, and they vary and are unique like a finger print. No two Pokonen have the same pattern of markings.
Torso: Have at least one special marking on them.
Typical Builds: For females they are usually lean and firm. For males they are usually thicker and stronger, however females and males can sometimes have equal strength. Equal strength is uncommon and not found easily.
Temperaments: Varies.
Age of Adulthood: 20 years.
Length of Pregnancy: two months shorter than the average human's pregnancy length.
Clothing: Don't have any, but sometimes wear accessories such as cloaks or masks, or something of an accessory nature.
Customs: Males must reach adulthood before marrying, and females are allowed to be a year younger than an adult male when they marry, though it is not recommended.
Weapons: Usually they have them equipped on their tales, but for those who don't have them already equipped, they use normal weapons such as humans, but don't have guns.
Likes: Peace, warm climates though it varies on the type, and being stroked like a cat.
Hates: War, unless it is necessary to have war, they rather not be in part of it.
Fears: Their race being extinguished.
Strengths: The light of Suns, Moons, or any star.
Weaknesses: Being smothered or suffocated.
Defects: Not being fully developed at birth. If this is the case, the young pokonen usually dies. Everything must be developed in order for it to live. There have been rare cases of not fully developed pokonen living, but their life range is greatly shortened by 50 years.
Powers/Abilities: Varies by type and habitat. They can only have two abilities, and none can have an unfair combo of powers. Invincibility is an available power, but it only lasts in short bursts and cannot be used more than five times in a row, or else the pokonen becomes exhausted and faints.
History: Not much is known, many researchers are currently working on this.
Hierarchy: One set of King and Queen rule each faction, and there are currently three factions. Faction Eta is probably a close relative to a Republican party, Faction Delta a close relative of a Democrat party, and Faction Upsilon a neutral faction who keep to themselves and don't side with any other factions unless things get out of hand because one faction does something utterly wrong.
Habitat/Climate: Mostly warm, balanced with cool breezes. However, depending on type, the climate preferences can be cold to extremely hot. Each habitat following the climate conditions. (Volcanic habitat for extremely hot, and Arctic habitat for cold. It varies when the climate is in between.)
Body Language: Much like a humans.
Allies: Humans.
Enemies: Humans and just about every other alien race.
Religion(s): Known to believe a Christian religion, but not many know about it.
Instinctual Behavior: Very sensitive to things unseen. When in survival mode, they can get pretty cranky, but keep a well thinking head.
Diet: Mostly plants, but sometimes an occasional fish or piece of meat, such as beef, pork, poultry, ect.,.
Diseases: They are very healthy, but disease wise have only three diseases: Solphonia, Inflamix disease, and Black disease. Solphonia is a torturous disease that makes it's victim dizzy and causes lack of solid memory. It has a cure, but it takes a full week for the cure to take effect. Inflamix disease is a fatal disease unless treated immediately. The victim at first experiences nothing, but then gradually starts getting achy, then headaches that come and go regualarly. There is a period of time where the victim is relieved of these irritating symptoms, but after that period is over they experience excruciating pain, and then die soon after. The cure needs to be administered every four hours for a full day in order for the disease to be neutralized and removed. Black disease is where the victim starts to be covered in black splotches, and once completely black the victim dies three hours later. There is no cure for this disease yet, but thankfully it's rare. The victims that have been claimed by this disease have usually been naturally black in skin color, so they die suddenly without knowing.
Living Arrangements: All Pokonen have small huts that provide for their needs.
Symbols/Flags: The three factions have individual flags. Eta has a red flag with a dark blue Silhouette of a pokonen head, with a white 'E' in the middle. Delta has a green flag with a white spear crossed over a red flag to make an 'X' shape with 'Delta' written in small lettering underneath. Upsilon has a Tan flag with a Black 'U' slashed with three white stripes across it.
Military: All have their own army, but they are usually not used much unless they are needed.
Economy: Pokonen have a good economy, but it has had it's ups and downs in the past.
Culture: (art, sports, food, music, literature) Unknown for now.
Architecture: Not much. Huts are really the only thing they've built other than wells and power mechanisms.
Language: They are very bilingual and can use all languages they come in contact with. However, their own language is so ancient, that only the oldest Pokonen know it. Only few pokonen have found these Elders and learned it. The only known thing about Pokonen language is that it's meanings are that of English, but spoken and written in very unusual ways. Researchers are currently trying to find old documents and elders who know the language to get better info.
Dialects: Unknown for now.
Differences between Male, Female, & Adolescent: Males have stronger builds, and lack a special feature. Females, have smaller builds, and don't lack that special feature to nurse young. Females also don't have weapons on their tales like Males do. Adolescent Pokonen have shorter tails and smaller wings.

Appearance example: Male Pokonen Example
Female Pokonen Example

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zadokDate: Tuesday, 2012-04-10, 6:51 PM | Message # 6
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Cool species Nitro. I can tell you put a lot of thought & effort into it. XD
I'd love to see some pics of them! I'm having a bit of a hard time imagining a creature with no visable nose or ears & spike hair by myself. ^.^' I think I'm 'seeing' them wrong in my head.
I probably should have thought of saying this before but could I get you to re-post this in the thread for the RP so it will be easier for other players to find later? ^.^' Sorry to be a pain.

NitroDate: Tuesday, 2012-04-10, 7:17 PM | Message # 7
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I added the appearance. What do you mean re-post in the RP thing? *Confused*

For God so loved the world that he gave us his only son. John 3:16. THIS MESSAGE IS ILLEGAL In 53 countries. Restricted Nations: 40 Hostile areas: 13
zadokDate: Tuesday, 2012-04-10, 8:15 PM | Message # 8
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Can you post it in the rp idea thread under my PR?
Aww~ they are so cute! =3

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NitroDate: Thursday, 2012-04-12, 1:02 PM | Message # 9
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OH! Sure thing.

For God so loved the world that he gave us his only son. John 3:16. THIS MESSAGE IS ILLEGAL In 53 countries. Restricted Nations: 40 Hostile areas: 13
zadokDate: Thursday, 2012-04-12, 1:10 PM | Message # 10
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Thankies. =3

Kaze-chanDate: Friday, 2012-04-13, 4:49 AM | Message # 11
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Species: Shiidian
Life Expectancy: about 100 years on Shiidia, which has a year about 1.35 the length of Earth's, so about 135 Earth years.
Height: 3-4 ft
Weight: Maybe less than half the average human's weight? Their bodies are pretty light, but their heads are a little bit heavier because they're these squishy green bulbs (they kinda look like bulbasaur's bulb) with a little ovular patch of non-bulb for the face, so...
Hair: Generally none; see differences for details.
Eyes: Black, beady little vertical ovals.
Eyebrows: Kind of merged with the eyelid, I dunno...
Ears: They don't appear to have any, but they can still hear through these practically invisible little slits on the sides of their heads that blend with the grooves on the bulbs.
Nose: None visible, but can still smell through two tiiiiiiny little holes in their faces where a nose would be.
Teeth: Small and slightly pointy
Nails: None
Horns: None
Wings: None
Tails: None
Arms/Hands: two basic, hairless, somewhat noodle-like roots with little black, apparently fingerless hands on their ends. Their hands are sticky to help them grip things.
Legs/Feet: same as arms/hands, only longer. Their feet aren't sticky though.
Added Appendages: none
Markings: none
Torso: a rather nondescript area that the limbs and head connect to.
Typical Builds: See above.
Temperaments: Varying
Age of Adulthood: 20
Length of Pregnancy: About 2-4 months
Clothing: Traditionally none, but females in particular have taken a liking to the concept and have started wearing whatever clothing they can find.
Customs: Any that they have are either lost or unknown; see history.
Weapons: Futuristic weapons such as ray guns and other things.
Likes: Nature, water, moisture, peace and quiet
Hates: Dryness, excessive heat, excessive noise
Fears: Extinction
Strengths: High intelligence is common among their species, and they tend to be able to learn languages easily. Males particularly have learned to use their intelligence to make futuristic weapons to defend themselves with. They have also become experts at making and designing spaceships.
Weaknesses: They have little when it comes to natural means of defense, and their physical strength generally is limited.
Defects: Not being fully developed at birth such as no hands/feet, no eyes etc.
Powers/Abilities: Males have poison glands in their hands.
History: The Shiidians used to be a flourishing race that lived on the planet of Shiidia. After their planet was invaded and mostly destroyed, however, the survivors were captured and sold into slavery across the universe. Because of their bodily limitations and tendency towards low physical strength, many of them were not able to survive under harsh working conditions, and died out. Those that are still alive today are usually found working in jobs that require intelligence rather than much physical strength, but there are exceptions.
Hierarchy: Nothing much besides the family structure, I guess.
Habitat/Climate: Shiidians used to thrive in the moist, cool, lush forest climates of Shiidia before it was destroyed, but are capable of and have been known to survive in variably colder/hotter/drier climates across the universe.
Body Language: Because of the way their mouth is shaped, they almost always look like they're frowning. A smile is almost unnoticeable--the right edge of their mouth kind of curls upward in what most people would see as a smirk or something. The happiest face a Shiidian can possibly make looks like a kitty face (:3) with its edges curled up all the way. They also blush orange instead of red or pink because of their yellowish skin pigment.
Allies: Anybody whose goal is not to enslave, eat or hurt them.
Enemies: The reverse of Allies.
Religion(s): The details are lacking, but according to old legends that have survived to this day the Shiidians once believed in some kind of Creator.
Instinctual Behavior: Uhhh... I don't know...
Diet: Plants, fruits, small animals, water, sunlight... cup ramen noodles. (XD)
Diseases: Their physical health can deteriorate under certain very unsuitable conditions, at worst to the point beyond recovery, but they have never been known to contract any sort of specific disease as far as has been recorded.
Living Arrangements: They used to live under the shade of the trees in the Shiidian forests, or else in huts made out of natural materials, but today they are most commonly found dwelling in spaceships and the like.
Symbols/Flags: N/A
Military: N/A
Economy: N/A
Culture: (art, sports, food, music, literature) They used to play flute-like instruments, paint on the trees, as well as play a few recreational sports involving punting fruits, climbing trees and so on.
Architecture: Spaceships
Language: It is known that the Shiidians did have an original language, but today next to no one remembers much to any of it. Most speak the language of whoever they are the most surrounded by.
Dialects: Same as language.
Differences between Male, Female, & Adolescent: A phenomenon found in some female Shiidians causes the tip of their bulb-heads to grow out a little and become more leaf-like as it grows out. This can be compared to hair on the head such as humans have.
Female example | Male example

Now I just need to make one for Naru's species...

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zadokDate: Friday, 2012-04-13, 5:10 AM | Message # 12
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Interesting species.
Kinda reminds me of the onion/meat bun head guy. lol

Is this species for the alien RP?
If it is would you mind posting it in the rp idea thread under my PR? Thankies. =3

Kaze-chanDate: Friday, 2012-04-13, 6:27 AM | Message # 13
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Yep, and sure thing. :3

"Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, but a woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised. " --Proverbs 31:30
Kaze-chanDate: Sunday, 2012-04-15, 6:16 AM | Message # 14
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Species: Sies (female), Herrs (male)
Life Expectancy: As long as they are on their respective home planets, Sies and Herrs can live for a very, very long time. Apart from their home planet their lifespan is only about 75 Sie/Herr years (one Sie/Herr year = 1.5 of an Earth year), which rounds to about 113 Earth years.
Height: around 5' for both. Like humans, Herrs tend to be taller than Sies.
Weight: 80-140 lbs, depending on the build. Basically human weight range XD
Skin: Very much human-like, ranging from white to slightly tanned.
Hair: Also quite human-like; colors range mirrors the human range--reds, blondes, blacks and browns
Eyes: Slightly larger, but still human shape. The iris colors also mirror the human color range, but shades outside the black, gray and blue range are exceptionally rare.
Eyebrows: Human-like eyebrows
Ears: See Added Appendages
Nose: See Added Appendages
Teeth: Like human teeth with minuscule differences
Nails: Like human nails
Horns: See Added Appendages.
Wings: Herrs have wings far too small for flight, being only about one foot in span. Sies have no wings until they have been pregnant with their first child for a certain amount of time--anywhere from a few weeks to several months depending on the Sie--at which point they begin to grow much larger wings which reach flyable maturity around the time that the child is born.
Arms/Hands: Same as human
Legs/Feet: Same as human; (pending canon: some uncommon variations exist where the feet are slightly more paw-like in shape, having thicker, almost squarish toes; uncommon paw-like hands variation also pending canon)
Added Appendages: The Sies and the Herrs have structures referred to as tentorns in place of where their ears would be. Their namesake comes from the Sies' tentorns, which are movable like tentacles most of the time, but can harden and become horn-like under certain conditions. Sies use them mainly as a means to display emotions. See here. They are also sensitive to moisture in the air, becoming wet under moist conditions and dry under more arid conditions. They are also equipped with olfactory and auditory capabilities (in simpler terms, they act as both noses and ears). Herrs' tentorns share these functions, but look and act very differently from Sie-tentorns. Instead of two large tentorns, Herrs have three thinner, more cartilage-based tentorns in a wing-like formation on each side of the head. Tentorn movement for Herrs is also limited to up, down, left and right in synchronized movements as opposed to Sie-tentorns' free, unsynchronized movability. 
Torso: They mirror human torsos.
Typical Builds: Lean, skinny, or muscular (specifically males)
Temperaments: Varies, like humans.
Age of Adulthood: 18
Length of Pregnancy: 8 months
Clothing: Sies of all kinds wear long dresses. Though the style of the dress varies according to status and preference, the dresses always reach the floor with the exception of children's dresses. Hoods and long sleeves are also commonplace among all Sies. Herrs prefer to wear long cloaks, occasionally featuring hoods, over their regular attire, which usually consists of a desert-like tunic and trousers.
Customs: Traditionally both Sies and Herrs wear always white. Every two years, certain number of Herrs are allowed come to Sie-ten in order to court Sies. Once a Herr has established a relationship with a Sie he must leave for another two years so that their mutual affection for one another may be tested. At the end of those two years, if their mutual affection is equal to or greater than it was before they were seperated, they are allowed to marry. The wedding is held on Herr-ten, but when the Sie has a child where she stays is determined by whether her child is a Herr or a Sie. If Herr, she must stay at Herr-ten to raise him until he is grown, at which point she must return to Sie-ten; if Sie she must go back to Sie-ten to raise her and stay there. In the case of the child being a Sie, like before, the now-married Herr is only allowed to visit his wife every two years.
Weapons: The Herrs' favorite weapon is a sling loaded with a sharp shard of a rainbowy glass material found abundantly on Herr-ten called Ocryte. When flung hard enough, shards of Ocryte can cut through metal and are thus good against spaceships (unless of course the ships have been equipped with forcefields that resist it).
Likes: Nature, cool temperatures, peace, safety
Hates: desert, sand, too hot temperatures, war (Sies only)
Fears: Extinction, war (Sies only)
Strengths: Intelligence
Weaknesses: Lacking in physical strength
Defects: None known as of yet. Because of their environments, Sies and Herrs had always been born with no defects. However, it is very possible that defects can be seen in them in the future (see History).
Powers/Abilities: Sies and Herrs draw their "perfection" and near-immortality from the sort of "angelic" energy that envelops each of their planets. They can also learn to harness this energy and use it for a variety of purposes.
History: Link here (I made it so long that I ran over the charrie limit >3>)
Hierarchy: ...
Habitat/Climate: Their preference is cool, breezy climates. While Sie-Ten's climates vary from region to region and hemisphere to hemisphere, it is the more comfortable of the two planets. This is because, while Sie-Ten does have regions that are too hot and too dry, too cold and too wet, its climate dispersion positively differs from that of Herr-Ten. Because of the planet's rockier, dustier composition, Herr-Ten's climates tend to be more dramatic than that of Sie-Ten's--hotter temperatures during the day and colder at night.
Body Language: See Added Appendages, basically.
Allies: Whoever happens to befriend them.
Enemies: Anyone who wants to destroy them.
Religion(s): Sies and Herrs both share the belief that there is a Creator, but when they separated, they began to develop different takes on who and what this Creator is/was. Herrs believe that the Creator is not the energy-field, whereas Sies do. Sies thus came to rely heavily upon their energy-field for protection from their enemies.
Instinctual Behavior: Not much I can think of that isn't human.
Diet: Sies are mainly vegetarian, whereas Herrs have a more balanced diet.
Diseases: Uhhh...
Living Arrangements: They built houses and things from wood and stuff, I guess.
Symbols/Flags: The Herr flag is green with a white silhouette of a Herr wearing a traditional cape. The Sies have a morning-purple flag with a white silhouette of a Sie head on it as well as "Sie" in white letters along the bottom right corner of it.
Military: The Sies don't fight, and the Herrs make a military out of everyone when the time comes to fight.
Economy: Most trade was want for want between Herr-ten and Sie-ten. There is and was no currency.
Culture: (art, sports, food, music, literature) Sies are good at singing and making melody. The Herrs had various sports that they played on Herr-ten.
Architecture: Houses and stuff
Language: Today mainly English, but back in the day they used to speak HerrSie-go.
Dialects: ...
Differences between Male, Female, & Adolescent: See Added Appendages. Herr wings mature at 18 to mark their adulthood.

Herr | Sie

"Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, but a woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised. " --Proverbs 31:30
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