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Forum » RP Room » New RP ideas » Rifts (A rpg I made a long time ago...)
RaiderJosephDate: Monday, 2011-12-12, 12:05 PM | Message # 1
Learning the Ropes
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I am gonna retry this roleplay in the hope it has more success here.

In the year 1963 a group of world famous scientests from all over the world began doing research into the creation of a machine that would go to other dimentions.Using a new extremely rare element known as mithriluim(Yeah mithril.)They attempted a test of the machine.When the test subject went into the vortex he found that it was a beautiful garden.With trees and lush fields and winnie the pooh.......he came back screaming...we kid you not screaming this guy was a green beret and he was screaming.The scientests were baffeled.Because A:He doesn't exist. and B-Z was the same thing.So they found that when people imagine things it realizes a sort of signal that when they collide in space cause these dimentions to appear.One of the researchers was a ufo movie fan and theorised if this was another movie we all would be DEAD.So they shut it down but due to a nucular reactor the size of a 3 story skyscraper so powerful that if removed it would destroy the earth they just shut it down and hoped no one would find it.So....yeah....

The town of reger is a ordinary town.Yup thats a good way to put it.But the people are not so much and when they discover this place...well...lets just say their ideas are much diffrent.And when they end up having to save the universe it gets much more real then they can imagine.

Hair color:
Eye color:

As always the bio is optional.Here is mine.Ima use my In the rain character.Im sad I never got to use him fully.
Name:Joseph Sarrows
Clothing:A Blue hoodie with black lines.
Hair color:dark brown
Eye color:gray
Skills:Bomb making,stealing(Although he doesn't do this skill a lot.),playing video games,being able to name all the legendary pokemon,etc.
Bio:Well...he just moved here he is a bit socially awkward but he has a lot of confedence in anything ELSE he does.He is a bit of a optimist with lots of energy.He is a otaku/gamer hybrid.
We will start in the real world and through a event we will find the lab so stay with me for right now.Oh and yes there will be FMA if anyone cares.

Deathknights are people too...
DiamondDragonDate: Monday, 2011-12-12, 11:08 PM | Message # 2
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Haha, I remember this one!

Name: Rin Momaya
Age: 14
Gender: female
Skills: Playing electric guitar, dancing, and being a techno geek.
Bio: Rin is a new Japanese transfer who is considered to be a bit weird by the other students. She had been an orphan for all of her life until she was adopted by a young couple in America.

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NitroDate: Saturday, 2011-12-17, 3:48 PM | Message # 3
Villain in disguise?
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Name: Sheldon Stevens
Age: 15 and a half
Gender: Male
Clothing: Red dress shirt, black tie, black vest tan pants, nice brown shoes.
Hair color: Blonde.
Eye color: Green.
Ethnic: White
Skills: Art, mastered the Bullwhip, knows knife throwing, marksmanship, swordsmanship, and good at self defense (Or Kung Fu, to be detailed).
Bio: He just moved here. And just joined the school. He used to be homeschooled, so the public school is way different...

(Appearance: Sheldon's Appearance )

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Message edited by Nitro - Saturday, 2011-12-17, 3:53 PM
RaiderJosephDate: Monday, 2011-12-19, 9:46 AM | Message # 4
Learning the Ropes
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Great we just need one more person!

Deathknights are people too...
TatsukoDate: Thursday, 2011-12-29, 2:10 PM | Message # 5
Junior RPer
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This looks like fun!
Name: Hikari
Age: 17
Gender: female
Clothing: A white dress
Hair color: gray
Eye color: blue
Ethnic: white
Skills: fast runner, good lock picker she can also make a mean bowl of mac n cheese.
Bio: She's a mystierious and quiet girl who has seemed to apear out of no where! shes pale but has bruises all over her arm. she just came to tokyo after escaping a labratory where they expieremented on her. many people have claimed that she can use magic and read peoples mind. but she has never done any of that. her memories are quite jumbled and she tends to not trust people. when she came to tokyo a nice couple found and took her in. she was found with no shoes and only a white dress. (i hope this works for the story)
(apperance:§ion=&global=1&q=ico+yorda#/d2bk09m btw i love this game! im the girl in the pic)

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Forum » RP Room » New RP ideas » Rifts (A rpg I made a long time ago...)
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